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SAM and SAMi

Strategic Analytics and Management (SAM) and its Non-Profit sister organization, Strategic Analytics and Management Initiatives (SAMi), are social and population health organizations involved in collaborative implementation of social and health development programs in South Africa. The organizations focus on implementing programs and generating insights aimed at building the capacities of populations and service providers in order to advance human development.

While our approach to client needs is on a case-by-case basis we implement evaluations and improvement science to generate innovative solutions for Non-profit Organisations (NGOs) as well as public and private institutions. Our interventions are cantered on three key areas:

  • Working with community partners and government departments to design, test and implement scalable public health solutions
  • Collaborative generation of quality data and insights through state-of-the-art analytics
  • Producing innovative applications that enhance timely access to information for decision making
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    Optimize value proposition of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations through effective generation and use of strategic information

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    SAM seeks to achieve its vision through:
    o Collaborative generation of quality data and insights through state of the art analytics
    o Capacity enhancement of resources for information management and use
    o Use of evaluation and improvement science to generate innovative solutions for not-for-profit and for profit organizations

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    As a high performing organization, SAM is guided by the following values
    o Customer focused excellence
    o Delivering Value
    o Innovation
    o Societal responsibility
    o Learning and agility

Range of services provided

Combination prevention programs for Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Quality Improvement for biomedical  interventions including HIV, TB and STIs

Design of M&E systems

Developing theories of change and Results models

Conducting independent evaluations of programs and policies

Apps for Real Time monitoring for intervention delivery and beneficiary outcomes

Apps for large scale data collection

Date Vizualisation apps for managing

Wide range of consulting services based on client needs

Capacity building support for organisations (Government, NPOs, Private sector) addressing needs Public health, M&E and Org. development

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