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Real Time Monitoring Tool in KZN Floods


In April 2022, cliamte chnage resulted in severe flooding and landslide in the kwaZulu Natal Province that has caused widespread damage to community and business infrastructure as well as households.The unprecedented disruptions in the environment caused by the floods led to increased vulnerability of children and families including lack of basic needs and disruption of daily routines.

A Provincial Technical Task Team on Social Relief was activated to mobilise and coordinate immediate disaster relief. The Department of Social Development contributed with Social Relief of Distress as well as Psychosocial Support in the different District Municipalities that were reported to have been affected.With the past experience in using the RTMT to conduct the rapid assessments on the impact of COVID-19 as well as the July 2021 riots in KZN, the Department of Social Development in collaboration with UNICEF are commissioning rapid assessments to inform the emergency response to identify and provide support to those at high risk of hunger, violence, abuse and neglect. 


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