Trust Chibawara


Mr. Trust ChibawaraData Analyst

Trust CHIBAWARA completed his Honors degree in Zimbabwe before moving to South Africa for his post-graduate studies. He is an alumnus of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cape Town and Stellenbosch University where he is also currently pursuing his PhD studies. His undergraduate and postgraduate studies were largely mathematical and computer science based which contributed hugely to his passion for data analysis, computer programing, mathematical modelling and the application of statistical methods in understanding and solving challenges involving mathematics.

Trust has recommendable experience in building, implementing and deploying scientific software ranging from website development to mobile apps.  In his currently PhD project, his interests are in the application of epidemiological and mathematical modelling techniques to describe and analyse the behavioral and biological processes underlying generalized HIV epidemics.

Trust enjoys working long hours on computer programming and playing basketball.

Trust attributes most of his success to working hard with good and professional work ethics, creativity and enthusiasm.

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