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NOV 2020 - FEB 2021

Data Quality Validation for the OVCY ReACH program by FHI 360 Capacity and Development Support (CDS) program


SAM conducted a comprehensive data quality assessment of the FHI 360 Capacity and Development Support program (CDS) program to assess the accuracy and internal validity of data reported to USAID from NACOSA.

NACOSA is a Non-Governmental Organization that was contracted to implement an OVCY ReACH (Reaching Children and Adolescents in Households) project in 3 Districts in the Eastern Cape (Alfred Nzo, CHRIS Hani, and O.R. Tambo) and 2 Districts (UGU and King Cetshwayo) in KZN.

The objective of the DQA was two-fold. The first was to validate the data reported over a specific period and the second to verify that clients who are recorded as having received services actually exist and that their HIV status was correctly recorded. The insights gained from the DQA were used to identify possible contributing factors to any observed data inaccuracies. This would guide in developing data quality improvement strategies for implementing partners to prevent recurrence of any variances and to reports to USAID on the quality of data reported by FHI 360 from CDS.


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