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FEB - SEPT 2022

Development of a Theory of Change to Address Social and Structural Drivers of HIV, TB and STIs Affecting Adolescents & Youth


South African National AIDS Council commissioned a Strategic Analytics and Management to develop an Implementation Framework to address social and structural drivers of HIV, TB and STIs affecting adolescent girls and young women (AGYW), integrating these with adolescent boys and young men (ABYM).The framework includes targeted social and structural interventions that addresses gender inequalities and drive HIV prevention programme on AGYW in the country.

The framework systematically categorises practical interventions guided by the existing policies, strategies and evidence base programmes that are already working in the country and integrates the ABYM Framework.


We used a participatory approach to ensure that all stakeholders are included in the final framework using the following key activities:

a) Comprehensive Literature review:

b) Participatory Community Resource Mapping (CRM) with AGYW

c) Theory of Change (TOC) workshop with key stakeholders

d) Development of the package of services and the detailed implementation framework

e) Workshop to finalise the newly developed packages of services and implementation framework with key stakeholders.

f) An analysis of current sources of funding to develop a costing framework for the service packages and implementation framework.

g) A monitoring and evaluation framework and tools to track progress in the delivery of interventions addressing social and structural drivers.

h) A detailed Action Plans based on the implementation framework to address social and structural drivers.


  • Theory of change

  • A data base of available role-players/ institutions with resources and interventions

  • Service Package and implementation Framework

  • Costing Framework

  • M&E Framework

  • Detailed Action Plan


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