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MAR 2018 - MAR 2019

Keeping Girls in School Programme (KGS)


This evaluation was commissioned by NACOSA on behalf of all 5 Principal recipients that supported programs targeting AGYW in the Global fund cycle 2016-2019.  The KGS program delivered a package of age-appropriate services to girls in a selection of Quintile 1-3 schools in ten districts across South Africa over three years from April 2016 to March 2019. The aim of the programme was to decrease new HIV infections in girls and young women, decrease learner pregnancies and keep girls in school until they complete high school.

The process evaluation was led by SAM and implemented in collaboration with our partners Clacherty & Associates and Stellenbosch University.The key objectives of this work included the following; to document different ways in which the KGS Programme was implemented across the 10 districts; to assess if the Programme has the elements for effective implementation; to assess the quality of the KGS Programme; and to understand the sustainability of the KGS in secondary schools.

The evaluation findings were used to develop recommendations towards improvement of interventions with similar objectives as the KGS, including strategies to ensure more effective implementation, efficiency and sustainability.


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