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MindWisdom® | Mobile Mental Health Self-Assessment


Mind-Wisdom is a mobile mental health self-assessment tool developed by a team of medical professionals at The Body Mind Wellness Clinic in partnership with Strategic Analytics and Management. The tool was developed using standardized mental health assessment questions which upon completion generates a mental health status rating depicted by four colours – Red (Severe), Amber (moderate), Yellow (Mild) and Green (Normal). All users with red and amber results are strongly advised to seek professional mental health services for more comprehensive assessments and diagnosis. At the end of the assessment, users are asked to choose if they would like to be linked to a mental health professional of their choice and to provide consent for their results to be shared with health professionals to whom they are referred.

The Application provides the assessment in different languages (currently 6 South African Languages), making it accessible to most South Africans.

The tool can be used to track the mental health status of individuals or a cohort of people like employees, learners, patients and community members over time. Beside mental health self-assessment, the tool is able to generate customized self-care packages including advice on how to manage common mental health challenges such as stress, anxiety and sleep disorders.

The data collected using the Mind wisdom tool has provided us with rich information that has allowed us to build a toolkit with resources on creating awareness around mental health, selfcare for managing stress and anxiety, support for people with depression; support for people prone to alcohol and substance abuse; holistic wellness tips for day-to-day balanced living; and resources for children and youth to promote mind wellness.

The Mind-Wisdom tool is a great opportunity to leverage digital healthcare based on its ability to provide consistent, convenient, anonymous and cheap access to mental health care to more people. Through Mind Wisdom, anonymized data can be collected and used to generate insights about the prevalence, linkage to care and outcomes of the different mental illness care approaches.


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