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OCT 2017 - FEB 2018

Report on the Domestication of SADC Minimum Package of Services for OVCY, PSS Framework, and Development of Indicators: The South African Experience - Case Study


This case study was commissioned by REPSSI and the Department of Social Development to document a case study on the process and lessons learned in the domestication of SADC minimum package of services and PSS Conceptual Framework in South Africa. The main focus of this work was to:

  •  Highlight the process model used for replication

  • Gather experiences with the domestication process

  • Document what was adopted and what was not, and why

  • Gather evidence of implementation of the framework and service package

  • Gather feedback from service delivery levels on beneficiary experiences, what services are available, and what gaps exist

  • Document challenges, how these were addressed, lessons learned, and recommendations

  • Produce recommendations that other member states can use to domesticate the SADC documents


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