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Tuberculosis Care Microsystem QI Tool (TB-QIT)


The Tuberculosis (TB) care microsystem quality improvement tool (TB-QIT) is an electronic assessment tool that is used to diagnose the features of a health facility that are in place to provide the cascade of TB care services and provide deeper knowledge to inform specific activities to improve services. The tool is used to generate insights through deep analysis of the information on the health facility’s structure, patients, health care workers, processes, and patterns of the TB care cascade.

The TB-QIT supports health facility managers, TB program managers and quality improve teams to understand the needs of the catchment populations and the related TB patient sub-populations served by the health facility, ways in which health workers in the health facility interact with one another as they provide TB and related care services, and the ways health workers at the health facility interact with the processes involved in producing the critical TB Care cascade outcomes. outcomes.

TB-QIT collects quantitative data about the TB Care cascade and in turn generate objective information about action plans and improvements. The TB-QIT can be used at the baseline level and though out the TB-care system improvement support journey to track changes in improvements efforts at different levels. Deployed as a web-based or free-standing digital application, the TB-QIT can be deployed on-site and virtual by an improvement team. The data is analysed in real-time and stored on a cloud-based platform with state-of-art security. Access to data is based on pre-approved specified authentication methods that may include biometric, authentication Apps, SMS authentication and 2-people authentication.

Output from TB-QIT is generated in the form an A3 Storyboard Report organized into various areas that can be represented by a graph, illustration, and/or a simple sentence or two of the TB care system in terms of patients, healthcare workers, TB care processes, patterns of performance and value improvement interventions. The information can be printed and displayed on a wall to create a big-picture view of the TB cascade system to serve as a teaching aid to engage the TB program teams and other external contributors to TB care in learning more about your system of care.


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