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Celebrating World AIDS day

The randomness of life sometimes means that things we didn’t plan for or cannot necessarily account for take place. At times you find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time and just like that you become part of something. Even with that being said it’s important that we take necessary measures to ensure that we act accordingly should these events take place and prevent the next person from having to go through the same ordeal.

World AIDS day is an important day that is set to raise awareness on HIV through encouraging people to know their status and through helping those infected by the virus to know that it is not a death sentence and there is life beyond it provided that one takes proper care of themselves and that they are diligent in taking their treatment.

South Africa has come a long way in terms of HIV treatment and we have now reached about where it is accessible for everyone who is infected and we’re also now part of preventative care for those who have not yet been exposed.

It is important to know your status and to be able to see life beyond the virus. With our commitment being to raising an HIV free generation we hosted our beneficiaries for an event. This event unpacked stereotypes, spoke to the importance of disclosing, educated the youth on safe sex and preventative measures and gave us the opportunity to provide our services that are offered at the safe space with zinzile khumalo

Our beneficiary recited a beautiful poem that spoke to the impacts of HIV and how it has affected not just individuals but communities. In this poem she highlighted that doctors and traditional healers have fought long and hard trying to find cures and permanent solutions yet the disease still prevails silently destroying homes and livelihoods. This poem also speaks to how awareness has been raised by healthcare practitioners urging people to protect themselves and others.

The fight to raise an HIV free generation continues and we will not be defeated.

Today we remember those we have lost and we stand with those who are infected. We remind them that they are not alone and that they have our full support united by one voice.

Happy World AIDS day!

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