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Promoting Youth Engagement

As the year draws to an end it was important to recognise that our goals remain the same. We still want to become impactful to our youth and equip them with skills that would allow for them to live lives that are not just impactful to themselves but also to those around them.

This week was dedicated to youth engagement where AGYW were invited into the safe space for a chance to vocalise their views, speak about challenges they face and get help and guidance. Such sessions are always quite impactful as they give the youth an opportunity to speak and to know that they are heard and that their opinions matter.

They were also given the opportunity to use our services for HIV testing and counselling, family planning, ARTs and PREP which are services that the youth are sometimes afraid of seeking in mainstream public health facilities.

We’ve got impressive young people who have the greatest amount of potential to be more than who they dream of becoming. #planning#engagement#youthdevelopment#publichealth

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